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The Detlist is dead. Long live the Detling Den: Our phpBB-based message board, which has pretty much replaced the Detlist.

The spirit of Detling transcends the physical limits of 2nd floor Sellery A. Past members of Detling, many now graduated and scattered across the country, still keep in touch with one another and with current Detling events through that wonder of modern communications, electronic mail (it's not just for chain letters anymore!). An esteemed former Detlingite, Mark "Tank Wars" Steffel, created the Detling mailing list when he had the root access to do such a thing. Thanks to lax system administration, it lives on!

Mailing List Mechanics

Are you an actual or honorary Detling House resident from 1990-1996? Interested in keeping in touch with other Detlingites? Need a venue to force your worthless opinion (bad writing, stupid ideas, unfunny jokes) on others? Join us, won't you?

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Tired of being among the company of fellow Detlingites? Screaming to yourself every time you check messages, "Get me off a this crazy thing!! If I see another goddamn message from any of you crazy nerds, I'll go postal!!"?

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Curious who's subscribed to the Detling mailing list? Want to know who the geeks of the geeks are? Need more addresses for your "MAKE MONEY FAST" spam? Please, let us make it easy for you.

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The Best of the Detling List

Preserved here are a few of the funniest, most insightful, or most important threads in Detling list history (listory?). Anyway, read on to eavesdrop on the erudite epistles of Detling denizens.