A Personal Message from Keith

Before I answer the question burning in your mind: What the !@*#@@!#! is "FEM-TOAST"? (and I know it's burning there, as I have been given the power of mind reading by Minnie for this very purpose) let me digress (as if these awkwardly constructed asides and parenthetical statements haven't been digression enough) to tell you a bit about myself. My name is Keith Gillette. If you've worked in Housing or lived on Detling, you've probably heard of me. I'm quite sure I haven't heard of you. (That's not a slam on you as it may first seem to be. It's actually more of a self-deprecating comment, as I meant to insinuate that I'm not the most social person and while I become gregarious when you do get to know me, few people make the effort to do so and I don't help matters along by staying out of their way.)

Ahem. As I was saying, my name is Keith and I was a three-year resident of Detling, from 1990-1993. I can honestly say that my time on Detling was one of the defining experiences of my undergraduate career. (Since you ask, the others were my employment at ARCH [formerly the CRC], and the two classes I took from Tim Allen. [Thanks, Aziz.])

In any case, I count myself very fortunate to have landed on Detling and met the people I have. The men and women of Detling are some of my closest friends today. In fact (aha!), four of us formed a little "end of the hall" clique and, for some reason, called ourselves FEMTOAST. I know, I know, you're thinking: who in their right mind would call themselves FEMTOAST?!? Exactly. That's the beauty of Detling.

So for me, memories of Detling are inextricably intertwined with memories of FEMTOAST. (Not that FEMTOAST, any more than Detling, exists only in the past tense. Both go on strong ...) I bring you, then, The Book of FEMTOAST, to deliver the contributions of our little Detling subculture to posterity and enrich the lives of Detlingites everwhere.


Everything you ever wanted to know about something you didn't even know existed a mere 30 seconds ago...

Curriculum Vitae

Our contributions to Detling Culture. AKA: Stupid things we did in college.


FEMTOAST, Ltd. offers a full range of fun-for-the-whole-family products and services.

Life After Detling

From the "where are they now?" file ...

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