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Aziz Poonawalla
Occupation: Graduate Student Research Assistant, University of Texas - MD Anderson Cancer Center
Birthday: February 14, 1974
City: Houston, TX ICQ: None
Former ARCH Employee
Graduated dec 1995 with B.S. in Physics, Math, and B.S. with Honors in Astronomy (triple major), lived on Detling four years 91-92 -> 94-95. Aziz is a habitual traveler, irreverant dreamer, romantic idealist and wanna-be adventurer, a religious patriot, a practical realist (on occassion), an optimistic pessimist, and all-around lucky goofball. His family nourishes him and his friends stimulate him. His academic career has been marked by stupendous heights of procrastination, including a two-year stint in Boston in the Real World - an attempt to escape a certain Tar Pit of Ambition that turned out to be a dazzlingly great experience. He now seeks higher educaion at the University of Texas - Houston (Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences) and would kind of prefer to spend the rest of his life in the same state as his fiancee.

-Aziz Poonawalla