Detling Memories

Detling House is a home for 80 students living in the Residence Halls at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. It is the 2nd floor of Sellery in A-Tower. It was also designated as the Honors House as part of the Honors Program here at this wonderful University.

We came a long way in the few short years the Honors House was in existence. The first year, Detling was inhabited mostly by regular students and just a few Honors students. Then, the Honors House program grew to a point where Detling was filled every year with Honors students and another house, Chamberlin House at Kronshage, has been designated as an Honors House. True Detlingites, of course, neither condone nor acknowledge the existence of Chamberlin House.

While the Detling Honors House may not still be in existance, the spirit lives on.

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