(As remembered by the ever wise Kim.)

In the Beginning,
The Detling was void and without form.
Then, on the first day, Minnie said "Let there be flourescent lighting!" And lo...the hall was lighted (except during quiet hours).
On the second day, Minnie separated the Den from the rooms, and made water in the bubbler and dirt in the Den.
On the third day, Minnie brought forth the beasts of the air (and named them Johnny and Nate, and gave them the ability to climb the walls).
On the fourth day, Minnie brought forth the beasts of the water (and these she gave the gift of shower-hogging).
On the fifth day, Minnie brought forth the beasts of the earth, those that crawl (back from their birthday celebrations) and those that walk on four legs (when hunting their "gotcha" targets).
On the Sixth day, Minnie created Eve (a.k.a. Melanie), and though she felt she'd skipped something...Minnie was old...and so she rested.

When Minnie awoke, after a long weekend, she went to her creature, Melanie, made in her own image (but with much better hair), and spoke to her of the things she had wrought. Minnie found Melanie busily cutting out construction-paper images and scribing names upon them. Minnie was puzzled by this, but knew she must not interfere. Minnie spoke only to give her commands to Melanie.

"Thou art given guardianship of all that reside in this garden of Detling...all that climb the walls or swim in the bubbler or slink on the floor by the elevator...these shall you name, and guide."

"Thou art mistress of these halls, but remember that thou must never eat from the Foodservice of Knowledge of Good and Silly or thou shalt surely perish and I shall turn my face from thee forever."

Melanie followed the injunctions of Minnie for at least a week... then, as she was walking around memorizing the names on her construction- paper images...she encountered a tall thin man...his door held the name "Snake." This man beckoned her to join him, for he was going to Foodservice. Wisely Melanie refused, remembering Minnie's injunction.

For days and months Melanie worked diligently, naming and guiding. Until finally...feeling hunger pangs, and tired of Ramen Noodles...Melanie again saw Snake. Snake (known to her by now as Ed) spoke smoothly of the wonders known to those who partook of Foodservice. He tempted her with tales of wisdom and understanding that could be gained by even one bite of the tempting Apple Muffins. Melanie resisted, but having no male to guide her (Minnie having forgotten to give her one), she finally went with Ed to the place of the Muffins, and she ate.

When Minnie returned to her floor, she realized that the animals did far too much studying for such intelligent creatures. Also, she saw that though nails were driven into the walls, the damage could be prevented by marking the location on the proper Housing form before driving the nail. She noted that some of her creatures would sleep, even before the sun rose in the sky. All this she found silly.

Minnie returned to find her creature changed. The difference was clear. Melanie had disobeyed her. Shaking her head sadly, Minnie chose to withdraw from her garden of Detling, leaving behind only an image to remind its members of her presence. Melanie was now alone. In passing, Minnie cursed Melanie to suffer from the affliction known as "procrastination", and to pass this curse to all of her residents to remind them of their foremother's deed. To Ed, Minnie cursed him to walk the hallways of college forever and never graduate.

Thus was the House of Detling brought into being by the benevolence of Minnie.

Added to Detnet October 4th, 1995