Detnet Biographies

Mark Steffel
Occupation: I/T Specialist/Consultant/Detnet slacker
Birthday: 5/16/1972 (notice 4 digit year)
City: Madison(born), Milwaukee(raised), Minneapolis (current) ICQ: None
pretty flat, but kind of protruding around the nose area

Alternative profile: A late addition to Detling for the 1990-91 school year having missed the first 2 weeks of the semester as I was at the Air Force Academy. In my stint at detling (2 years), I participated in many events from assassin to stompball, the Robotech Marathon to volleyball. I had a small role in Detling Trek. I frequented Movie night, capture the flag on Bascom Hill, car wars, Great America trips and shadowrun. I organized the Den Olympics and was the Jebediah Springfield of what was called 'Detling West' after I left. But the most signigicant contribution I gave to detling was the use of my 386-16 computer (on a wheeled cart) that made it's way to the den for Tank Wars marathons.

-Mark Steffel 4-7-99