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Kim Stahl
Webpage: http:/
Occupation: UNIX Administrator
Birthday: ?
City: Chapel Hill, NC ICQ: None
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Graduated with a B.S. in English and a Certificate in Library & Info Studies in '95.

Lived on Detling for two years, '91-'92 (roomie Karin Jones) and '92-'93 (roomie and good buddy Jen "Ejn" Hayward). Spent the following two (yes TWO) years in Barnard (to which residence I attribute the miracle of graduation). Then crashed through the event-horizon (ala Voyager) of the Madison area and landed in Chapel Hill (MSIS UNC '97) bought a house, married another Fool Detlingite (TheFool in fact), and am slacking in a high-paying sell-out job for a major pharmaceutical firm who shall remain nameless until such time as I can become an underpayed overworked Librarian.

So as not to leave anyone out, I'll leave out practically everyone, with four exceptions:

Aziz claims he met me after he manfully attempted to tackle the statue of Lincoln and mushed his thumb (requiring my best emergency-related skills to fix it: nagging, and yelling until he got it taken care of). I can't recall meeting him before that, so Aziz is probably right.

Aziz introduced me to CFO with "Kim, there's someone you HAVE to meet, you look EXACTLY like him!" (always the tactful one Aziz!)

I met, or at least got to know, Johnny in our intro Psych class first semester Freshman year. It was a large lecture, long Tuesday-Thursday lecture, at some unholy hour of the morning I think (9:00 maybe!) or possibly late-afternoon (naptime!). We sat together, and many was the time we would wake up at the end of the lecture to find that the other had drawn doodles on our notebook, or occasionally on an arm or face. We may even have learned some Psychology...

Mr. Jon "Nigel" Weyers is the goon responsible for introducing me to both Detling and to TheFool I married. I knew Jon in high school, but he was a year ahead. In my silly crush, I followed him to Madison and to Detling. His first year he wrote me a letter (which I still posess) talking about a geek who could solve puzzles even faster than he could. "Someone I never want to meet!" I thought to myself. The next year I followed Mr.Weyers to Detling, home. He and another friend, both Badger Buddies, told my parents where to park behind Sellery, and on move-in day, the minute the doors opened, they both brought carts, passed a huge line of parked cars, and took every one of my posessions in. I was moved-in faster than the speed of light (at least the speed of light on Trek). Heh. If Jon wasn't my best friend before that, he more than earned the title during the successive years.

-Kim Stahl