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Justin Peck
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Occupation: Programmer, Computer Animator
Birthday: 12/24/73
City: St. Paul, MN ICQ: None
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Justin lived on Detling his freshman year (92-93). Although he started as a CS major, he somehow managed to graduate in 1995 with a degree in Comm Arts - Radio/TV/Film. Unable to find work as a feature-film director, he spent several years in television. He has recently returned to the world of programming and now spends his days coding mainframe and client-side apps for Minnesota Mutual in St. Paul. He also co-owns a Computer Animation company that he vows will one day make money.

Justin married his high school sweetie, Jody, in 1993. They are still living happily together with their three boys Alex(5), Corey(4), and Spencer(1). They have a cocker spaniel puppy named Lady, a nice little brick house in St. Paul, and a severe shortage of time.

An article in 'The Detling Alumni Weekly' quoted him as saying, "I loved everything about Detling: the fooz-ball, the movie-nights; everything but the people. Ingvar, Aziz, Ulrich, Roman, Skippy, Shilpa, Arwen, Essa, CFO, Neil...none of them had normal names! And there were these guys at the end of the hall that threw toilet plungers at their door all night long! And there was this other guy that slept in the den almost every night. Nobody ate anything but Ramen soup and Coke Classic. Some of them would run naked through the women's wing, or poop in the shower. It was a nightmare. But other than that, it was really great."

-Justin Peck