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Karen Nee
Webpage: None
Occupation: Associate Consultant for an international human resources consulting firm
Birthday: January 5, 1973
City: Eden Prairie/Mpls. suburb ICQ: None
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I graduated from the UW with a BA degree in Psychology, and I did it in 4 years- amazing feat nowadays. I lived on Detling in '91-'92 and '92-'93. I have a lot of really good memories most notably associated with the infamous den, but what particularly stands out for me was the coed foosball tournament in '92-'93. I was paired with an offensive foosball master, Kevin Schluender. In the double elimination tournament, we faced arguably the best foosball player, Johnny Chang, and his not-to-be-outdone partner, Tina Lee, to remain in the winner's bracket. We beat them then, and again to win the championship. Kevin and I still talk about those glory days when we were foosball champions. After Detling bought the ping pong table, the foosball craze died out. Aaah, the memories.

-Karen Nee