Detnet Biographies

Dean Huff
Occupation: Software Developer - Per-SÚ Technologies
Birthday: 12/07/1970
City: Chapel Hill, NC ICQ: None
Graduated University of Wisconsin-Madison 1989-1993: B.S. in Computer Science and Math

Yearly synopsis...
1989-1990: Yeah, back in those days there were stars and planets painted on the walls. Stuck it out in room 280 for the whole year. Fellow detlingites from that year include Chris Gorrilla, the amazing John "The Lantern" Arrington (his fourth year on Detling), Rob "bass player" Zudy, Don Johnson (not from Miami Vice), Matt "horse$%!#" Edelstein, "Ether" Ethan, Gene Falk, and many others. 1990-1991: Roomed with Opie (room 271?) for a week... don't ask. Moved in with Mark "DJ Mixmaster" Tannin (room 280). Hangin' out in the den, femt°AST was born. 1991-1992: Lived with Ed Albrecht (room 283) who finally made it onto Detling. Spent time taking Sanchin Ryu Karate in the den, playing Snow Brothers in the Checkmate, and watching movies at Focus and in the lounge. This was a strange year for relationships. 1992-1993: Lived with Keith Gillette (room 283). Studied math with Jon Weyers till wee hours in Kim's room (while Jen was in mine). Classes kept me busy, but were the most interesting.

Miscellaneous memories...
John's Commodore64. Chris's Amiga. Detling Dances (Blues Brothers lipsynchs). Frieda. Lakeshore path. Deanson from B-Tower. Lemming Trek. Dr. Hu. The CRC/ARCH. Pop's fries. Gordo's. Tinkertoy lighthouse. Paper airplane wars. Catscreech. Lawrence (Midwest) Trivia. Thanksgiving gravy cracker. MTV and Tiny Toons. Saki Electrolysis. Trident, sheepskin, and euphonium. Sleeping Johnny. Late night in the den. Foosball and Stompball! Nertz. Holy Pail. Nomic. Hofstadter. Coke in a bowl. The Gulf War. Wolf Blitzer. D&D in the mini-lounge. Anime (Robotech). Twin Peaks during Finals Week. Detling T-Shirts. 3x5" door art. Plunger tossing!

Other info...

  • University of Tennessee-Knoxville 1993-1995: M.S. in Computer Science
  • 1995: Moved to Chapel Hill, NC
  • 1997: Bought a house, married Kim Stahl (fellow Detlingite), found a better job

-Dean Huff