Detnet Biographies

Chris Gorilla
Occupation: Iron Fisted Ruler of Small Users with Sharp Pointy Teeth
Birthday: 12/1/70
Education: BS in History (UW-Madison) City: Minneapolis, MN
Detling - Lived 89'-'90, '90-'91, '91-'92. Should be enough for anybody. Graduated by the skin of my teeth BS in History. 25% owner of femToast International Enterprises. Known for sleeping under my desk. Remain committed to the idea that the Amiga is the best computer yet concieved (although I have sold my soul to the Dark Lord of Redmond - and it didn't hurt one bit when they removed it - I recommend the procedure to all my friends.) First memory - "Good Lord - Sarah and Gene are already sleeping together? They only went out for a it possible this might happen to me too? Nope. I've got my computer and that's all I need." Best memory meeting the other members of femToast and realizing I was not alone anymore.

-Chris Gorilla