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Jason Gohlke
picture of Jason Email:
Webpage: TBA
Occupation: Graphic Designer/Web Designer
Birthday: June 28, 1975
Education: Art, Political Science (UW-Madison) City: Minneapolis, MN
Former ARCH Employee Graduated from UW-Madison
Jason Gohlke is a recent graduate of UW-Madison (May 1998) in Art and Political Science, a likely combination for a two-year Detling veteran. Ostensibly, the degree taught him something about graphic design, because that is what he's making a living at these days. He's currently stuck in Madison until about August, after which he desperately longs to escape the trap of permanent residence there that befalls many of his UW friends. (No offense intended.) To Jason, after (only) 5 years in Madison, San Francisco looks mighty nice right now. Jason may or may not have been involved in a certain Detling scandal that began on September 23, 1993, which will someday be archived on DetNet in the Book of Roger. [Associate Dean of Students Roger Howard, that is.]

-Jason Gohlke