Detnet Biographies

Meredith Geller
Webpage: None
Occupation: Law Student, Boston College
Birthday: March 30
City: Newtonville, MA ICQ: None
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Meredith graced Detling's hallowed halls from 1993-1996. Some of her fondest memories include heckling the boys as they left the bathroom in towels, staging Holy Wars with Aziz, and meeting Jon for the first time and being told "Yes, I'm 21 and no, I won't buy you beer." Meredith graduated in 1993 with her Honors degree (of course) in English and, despite the usefulness of that degree, decided to go on to Boston College Law School. She has since survived her first year and intends to go on to finish her second and then, say it with me, her third. Eventually, Meredith hopes to get a job in a good firm and become a true capitalist pig.

-Meredith Geller