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Gary Chimes
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Occupation: Exercise Morphologist- I am in the MD/PhD program at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, on Long Island. I am in the PhD portion now, working in the anatomy department looking at the role gender, handedness, and body shape play in motor learning and athletic performance.
Birthday: May 9, 1973
City: Suffolk County, Long Island ICQ: None
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Graduated with a BS Honors degree in Zoology and Math Option 2 (Biological modeling) in Spring of 1995. Lived on Detling during the 1991-2 school year, before Larry Davis initiated my lifetime ban from the floor (rat bastard). My finest memories on the floor generally revolve around being a total asshole with my compatriot Dave Guinan, but my greatest benefit has certainly been the lasting friendships I have had with people I met on the floor (e.g., Greg Oppel, Kate Schmidt, Joel Prohofsky, Kevin Schluender, Jeremy Porter, Nikki Bohn, and Roman Perri, just to name a few). I don't know that I necessarily enjoyed my year on Detling, as I couldn't wait to get off, but it certainly had a major role in shaping the person who I am today, and for that I am pleased. I really do love the friends I made, and it was an intellectually expanding experience. Even the people I didn't enjoy living with I admired in many ways, so I am certainly a better person for having known them.

-Gary Chimes