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Kim Chestnut
Webpage: None
Occupation: Computer Scientist at MIT Lincoln Labs in Lexington, MA
Birthday: 9/30/74
City: Boston, MA ICQ: None
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I graduated December 1997 with a BS in Physics, Astronomy-Physics. My senior year I moved into Detling West, along with Johnny Chang, Aziz Poonawalla and Kessin Knauer. I believe the highlight of that year was actually spent in Washington D.C. sitting in front of my email terminal ("Wait, Johnny's in the hospital?!? He put his hand through a window and FELL BACK ASLEEP?" ---"Dear Kim, we blew the circut again, but the outlets in the kitchen are working so we ran an extension cord from the kitchen to the T.V. and nintendo, so everything's all right now. - Johnny")

The last semester of my second senior year I lived in the same apartment, but Christain Neuhaus and Erik Geifer had moved in. Well, Christain moved in. A year after graduation I fianlly gave in to the pressure Aziz had been exerting on me and sent him a resume. A week later I flew out to Boston for an interview with MIT Lincoln Labs and here I am today. Of course, Aziz has decided to move to Texas now, but I'm not bitter, not in the least. ("You know, Aziz, when Kim and Dean asked people to move to Chapel Hill, they at least had decided to stay there with them!")

-Kim Chestnut