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Ed Albrecht
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Occupation: End-user Computing Analyst
Birthday: February 28th, 1971
City: Twin Cities, MN ICQ: None
Graduated 1996 with a BS - Music History. I studied almost everything offered by the University. Lived on Detling only one year, 1992-93, but spent most of my time there during the previous two years, including being in the House picture for 1989-90 (I was picked to get a free picture that year too, but I didn't take it. I didn't want to get lynched...) One of the Detling Elders, (the rest of you know who you are...) I was actually there for some of the John Arrington stories (Dynamen, etc.). I still miss the old hallway, with the Planets. I participated in the first (and to my knowledge, only) Hallway race, Capture the Flag on Bascom, and Late Night Tank Wars (I may have been the one to introduce the game to Aziz - sorry everyone! ;). Once played Gauntlet on the Mac for nearly 10 hours with Dean. I am yet another graduate who will never use their degree to earn a living.

-Ed Albrecht